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Candle refill available: Save the environment and 30% on the candle price by getting a refill reusing your glass and lid. 

Boost your mood with Serenity by enjoying our specially curated Spotify Playlist, designed to uplift your spirits and energize your day, perfectly complementing our candle.

This candle brings both uplifting and calming elements to your space. The refreshing notes of Grapefruit seamlessly complement the captivating essence of Jasmine, creating a symphony that promotes serenity, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. The sweet and comforting touch of Vanilla completes this aromatic blend, offering a unique olfactory experience that embodies both tranquillity and a gentle uplift.

Light it up during your morning routine to infuse a sense of calm and positive energy, setting a serene tone for the day ahead, or incorporate it into your self-care routine to create a peaceful atmosphere. 






  • Unbleached cotton wick with a plant based wax coating
  • Coconut & rapeseed wax
  • 100% pure essential oils

Candle details

220 gr of scented wax

40 hours of clean burn time

Bamboo lid

Re-usable glass

Candle care

  • First burn: Allow the candle to pool across the entire surface for even burning.
  • Trim wick to 0.6 cm before each use for a controlled flame and longer burn.
  • Burn for 2–3 hours at a time for optimal fragrance dispersal, and limit sessions to under 4 hours for safety.
  • Keep the candle away from draft and use the lid to preserve scent.

For the complete candle care guide, please click here

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tessa van Haren
Very citrussy and a hint of vanilla

Bought this on Andrea's recommendation. I was looking for a sweet smell with vanilla. Jackpot! It is absolutely perfect for the bedroom or during my yoga workout.

Viorica Croitoriu

Una vela con un olor unico, la vainilla, el pomelo y el jasmin se han completado muy bien. Seguramente voy a repetir la compra

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