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Unscented tea light refills

Unscented tea light refills

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Introducing Wonder Wick's Natural Unscented Tea Lights, available in packs of 12 and 6. Made from coconut & rapeseed wax, these petite candles burn impressively for 8 to 9 hours each. 

Designed to be used with our tea light glass cups, they contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly candlelight experience. Each set is packaged in an eco-conscious craft box and protected with tissue paper to preserve them. Free of plastic or aluminum, they align perfectly with their purpose of enhancing your environment while promoting relaxation and peace.


These tea lights come without a scent. 


  • Unbleached cotton wick
  • Coconut & rapeseed wax

Tea light details

Each tea light contains approximately 22 gr of unscented wax

8 to 9 hours of burn time

Designed to be used with our tea light glass cups

Perfect to pair with our essential oil wax melts

Do not use as a stand alone candle

How to clean your glass cups

  1. Remove remaining wax and wick with a spoon
  2. Pour hot water into the glass to melt any remaining wax.
  3. Dry the glass with a cloth or kitchen paper.
  4. Once clean, place your refill into the glass.

Please avoid washing the glass with soap or placing it in the dishwasher, as this may cause damage.

Candle care

  • First burn: Allow the candle to pool across the entire surface for even burning.
  • Trim wick to 0.6 cm before each use for a controlled flame and longer burn.
  • Burn for 2–3 hours at a time for optimal fragrance dispersal, and limit sessions to under 4 hours for safety.
  • Keep the tea light away from draft and use the lid to preserve scent.

For the complete candle care guide, please click here

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