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Candle gift set

Candle gift set

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Treat your loved ones to a thoughtful and memorable candle gift set, meticulously designed to enhance well-being and relaxation through the power of aromatherapy.

    Hand-poured in small batches, crafted from coconut and rapeseed wax, and infused with pure essential oils, each candle offers a 40 hours of burn time, while each tea light burns for 8 to 9 hours. 

    These gift boxes are created to provide a serene and soothing atmosphere that lingers, creating a sense of calm in any space with 75 hours of total burn time. 

      Scent options

      • Euphoria: Experience the mood-boosting and aphrodisiac properties of ylang ylang, sandalwood, and jasmine with Euphoria.
      • Harmony: Find calm and relaxation with Harmony, infused with lavender, rosemary, and black pepper.
      • Serenity: Balance energizing and calming effects Serenity, featuring grapefruit, vanilla, and jasmine.
      • Clarity: Sharpen your mental focus with Clarity, blended with cedarwood, lemon, and clary sage

      Gift box items

      Each gift box contains:

      • One candle
      • Four tea lights



      • Each candle burns for 40 hours
      • Comes with a bamboo lid
      • Re-usable glass jar (refills available)
      • Safety label and front label made of recycled paper

      Tea lights:


      • Made from cardboard
      • Contains shredded paper to protect the candles
      • Label made from recycled paper

      Candle care

      • First burn: Allow the candle to pool across the entire surface for even burning.
      • Trim wick to 0.6 cm before each use for a controlled flame and longer burn.
      • Burn for 2–3 hours at a time for optimal fragrance dispersal, and limit sessions to under 4 hours for safety.
      • Keep the candle away from draft and use the lid to preserve scent.

      For the complete candle care guide, please click here

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